At Emesth Christ’s School, we believe it’s important to: Work in partnership with parents to support
their child’s learning, Create a safe, respectful and inclusive environment for pupils, staff and parents
Model appropriate behavior for our pupils at all times
To help us do this, we set clear expectations and guidelines on behavior for all members of our
community. This includes staff (through the staff Code of Conduct), Governors (Governor Code of
Conduct) and pupils (through our Behavior Policy).
This code of conduct aims to help the school work together with parents by setting guidelines on
appropriate behavior.
We use the term ‘parents’ to refer to:
 Anyone with parental responsibility for a pupil
 Anyone caring for a child (such as grandparents or child-minders)
Our expectations of parents
 Respect the ethos, vision and values of our school
 To act as a positive role model in front of the children
 Work together with staff in the best interests of our pupils
 Treat all members of the school community with respect – setting a good example with speech
and behaviour
 Seek a peaceful solution to all issues
 To ensure that children wear school uniform and students across the school have
appropriate learning material so they can fully participate in the curriculum
 To endeavour to correct their own child’s behaviour (or those in their care), particularly in
public, where it could lead to conflict, aggression or unsafe conduct
 Approach the right member of school staff to help resolve any issues of concern
 To work with the school to ensure continuity between settings and that priorities are reinforced
by both parties
 Disrupting, or threatening to disrupt, school operations (including events on the school grounds
and sports team matches)
 Swearing, or using offensive language including sexist, racist or homophobic comments.
 Displaying a temper, or shouting at members of staff, pupils or other parents
 Threatening another member of the school community
 Sending abusive messages to another member of the school community, including via text,
email or social media
 Posting defamatory, offensive or derogatory comments about the school, its staff or any
member of its community, on social media platforms
 Use of physical punishment against your child while on school premises

 Any aggressive behaviour (including verbally or in writing) towards another child or adult
 Disciplining another person’s child – please bring any behaviour incidents to a member of
staff’s attention
 Demanding resources beyond what is equitable and fair to other parents and students
 Smoking or drinking alcohol on the school premises
 Possessing or taking drugs (including legal highs).
*This list is not exhaustive.
Social Media
The school recognizes the benefits of school and parental use of social media however parents
who use social media should be aware of the potentially harmful impact of its misuse on our
school community. The school will not tolerate parents who attempt to demean or defame either
school staff or pupils online. School will not hesitate to use the proper legal routes if any parent
makes illegal remarks online directed at either staff or pupils.
Breaching the code of conduct
If the school suspects, or becomes aware, that a parent has breached the code of conduct, the
school will gather information from those involved and speak to the parent about the incident.
Depending on the nature of the incident, the school may then:
 Send a warning letter to the parent
 Invite the parent in to school to meet with a senior member of staff or the Head Teacher
 Contact the appropriate authorities (in cases of criminal behaviour)
 Seek advice from the local authority’s legal team regarding further action (in cases of conduct
 that may be libelous or slanderous)
 Ban the parent from the school site
The school will always respond to an incident in a proportional way. The final decision for how to
respond to breaches of the code of conduct rests with the Head Teacher. Please see the Working
with Parents Policy on the website.